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My Little Super Girl

We recently received a great little craft in the mail. It’s a Create Your Own Designer Dolly kit (5+). We being my daughter and I. I say it was just us because I couldn’t see my husband sitting there with needle and thread putting together a doll. And, let’s face it, I wanted quality time with my munchkin.

So here we go. The craft project is from Seedling. You can find it here.

It was exciting to open the box containing our Create Your Own Designer Doll Kit. Lily is 4 years old and has a great imagination. She was excited to create a new “friend” to play with. She first started drawing the facial features which were embroidered on the doll’s face.

She even included heart shaped “cutie marks” (she’s currently obsessed with My Little Pony, so cutie marks are a must!). Those were made from the provided felt sewn on. While I did want her to be more hands-on with decorating her doll, she didn’t do the sewing. It wasn’t for a lack of trying, I assure  you. I did let her tackle a few stitches. She did pretty ell, but I was afraid she’d stick herself with the needle.

Next up is the hair. She helped with the assembly and chose the hairstyle. She liked how the hair was in the picture on the back. She is the designer afterall.

The dress she designed was simple. Kind of like a pink halter top with a purple belt and Voila! The new dolly friend is made. Lily has also named her friend… Lily. When asked why she picked the same name as her own, Lily replied, “Because it’s the best!” Her favorite part about her new friend is that she’s soooo pretty!

Anyone interested in this great project or others please visit my new friend ImagineToys. They’ve got great learning projects and fun projects for your kids to enjoy! They even have a Wish List for you to add to so you can let family know what your little ones would like to have!

After note: In case you’re wondering… Lily (the girl) is, in fact wearing a sparkly pink Supergirl Costume. She has a thing for dresses and pink. What little girl doesn’t? And yes, there is also a wardrobe change. This project took a few days to complete, but it was well worth the effort.

Thank you to ImagineToys for such a great project, we really enjoyed it!


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