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Summer Time Quick PSA

Ok, first… thank you all who have visited my blog. I’ve had a decent stream of folks visiting and checking out my ramblings and I’m super appreciative of it.

It’s been a bit chaotic in a good way here, but I wanted to stop by for a moment to share my valuable 2¢ on something.

I don’t know where most of you are all located, but I’m in New York. It has been really nice and warm here for April. I happened to be leaving a local big box warehouse club today and noticed something that kinda made me sick. And before you get all “why didn’t you do something?” you need to know one thing… I’m totally not a confrontational type of person, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

So, I noticed someone left all their windows cracked a decent amount and saw movement inside. It was a large dog and not super hot, but it makes me think about how warm it is now and how much warmer it could get in the coming months. I can’t begin to express how sick it makes me when I hear on the news or see in papers how someone left a child/infant/animal in their car in the summer. I don’t care how much you leave your windows open, don’t do it. Seriously, don’t. It gets extremely hot in the car in the summer, some of you know this, some of you don’t. Test it… take a thermometer into your car on a hot day and leave it in there. Some of you may already know how incredibly hot it gets in there from first hand experience or watching Mythbusters.

I don’t mean to get all preachy on you guys, I’m thrilled to have a decent amount of readers, but I had to. I don’t do it. I will not leave my kids in the car to run and pay for gas. I never leave them unattended in the car no matter what the temperature is. They are too valuable to me.

That is all…


Thanks for hanging in for this drive by blog post. It really spanned over a couple days. I’m hoping to have a new blog post presented this week about something really good. Promise! Pinky swear.

If any of you would like to hear about things I do in particular please leave feadback! I’d be happy to elaborate on anything… especially if I love doing it. And… if I don’t, I will look into it and not in a bored customer service representative at the end of  a long day kinda way. (((csr’s do the jobs we don’t really wanna do, so two snaps up to you, but please, don’t call me, LOL!)))


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I'm a mommy, a baker, a cake decorator. Visit my cake-folio site at I like to unwind by either crocheting or reading. I have two awesome kids and a wonderful husband. My current job has me being a graphic designer and photographer for a beauty catalog. Life is a journey, so I don't know where I see myself in 5 years.

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